Roxxi & Roxas
Two Hyenas, Being Adorable, Making Content

These two are a pawful. They love to play around and mess with other furs, and to talk and meet with new people! Roxxi is generally a silly little playful bean, not one for speaking too much in suit – but when she does, she’s generally loud and if it’s Roxas… she can be a bit harsh! But it’s all in good fun. Roxas, is a more restrained, yet still energetic yeen who tends to hang around Roxxi, ensuring she doesn’t get her head caught in a laundry basket again… These two would love to meet you at our next event!


Free Photoshoots?

Yes! We love taking photos (and video sometimes too, we love all forms of media!) of wonderful friendly furry creatures! So if you’re a fellow fur, are going to a convention or meet we are attending, have a suit and want your picture taken, then feel free to contact us!

We’ll do our best to arrange a time with you that works with your schedule and ours depending on the days you are attending, and the times you are available! Typically for most conventions we allow 10-20 minutes per shoot, and will work with you for angles and posing as well as suggest our own recommendations to get the best pictures we possibly can!

Then, our favorite part – sharing memories for everyone! In a timely manner after the event, we will post and share with you your photoshoots with fullsize images with no more than a small watermark – free!


Photo Policy

Yeentography holds the copyright to photos published on this website unless stated otherwise, and to all photos published within our portfolio section (via flickr).

Our photographs are licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 License, unless otherwise stated.

  • You may post or share any photo for personal use.
  • Please don’t erase or crop out our watermark.
  • Please provide credit when possible – our watermark counts as credit.
  • Please ask before using photos for commercial purposes.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

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We’ve added a map above to make it easier to see where our Team is going next! This map will be used to show only our convention events – for meets and smaller events, check our twitter or our events page!