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Helping Preserve Memories
Of Anthro Animals!

Starting in 2017, Yeentography began when two hyenas, Roxas and Roxxi both wanted to capture photos – memories of the furry community. It began sudden and quickly with their first convention, Anthro New England 2017 in Cambridge, MA. The two worked with their cell phones – two Samsung Galaxy S7 devices, capturing photos and video alike of the shenanigans and adorable happenings at the wonderful con. In doing so, they realized they really liked capturing these memories – and wanted to share it to the community on a larger scale – under a name.

In the Summer of 2017, Roxxi decided on a name, and told it to Roxas as a joke. Yeentography, of all things. Roxas, who laughed at the time – decided to go with it not too long after. So, in time to publish their just taken photos from Fur-Xoticon – a convention held in 2017 in West Springfield, MA – where the now known hyena head logo made its first appearance.

After Fur-Xoticon, the hyenas decided to up their game, acquiring a Nikon D3300 DSLR – and first made use of it at another local one-day convention. From there, they’ve been progressively expanding their list of equipment, and have even looked into expanding staff with additional members to help cover even more conventions across the world.

As Yeentography continues to grow, Roxas and Roxxi are always looking for new ways to innovate, and expand what we do to provide the furry fandom with better photos and videos, new experiences and ways to capture those memories. We pride ourselves in providing our services for free – any photos, save for any specifically commissioned photoshoots, we capture will always be free! Including our regularly offered free photoshoots at most conventions! Our focus has always been, and always will be capturing the memories of the fun times people have going to furry conventions and events!

We hope to see you at a convention soon – if you see us going to an event you’re attending, feel free to contact us – we’ll happily meet with you and take your picture!

~ Roxxi & Roxas
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Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!