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Free Photoshoots

Since our free photoshoot debut at Anthro New England 2018, Yeentography has been offering free photoshoots for con-goers at most events we attend at a first-come first-serve basis. We do our best to make things quick and easy so you can just check the convention schedule a week prior, then check your own schedule and ours – and request a photoshoot. Simple as that!

We’ll then confirm or deny (and see what other times work for you) depending on our schedule, and the amount of free slots we have at the offered times. Keep in mind that if you request a shoot on the same day requested, we may not get to check our requests – so if you’re within an hour or two of the timeslot, and there is still open slots – please feel free to contact us on our Twitter.


Looking to request a free photoshoot at our next convention?

Check our Appointments page to schedule a free shoot! Please keep in mind if you are checking more than a week in advance, it is unlikely we have added our scheduling slots – so please check back within that timeframe (usually the Monday before the Convention if it starts on Friday).